I Promise: You Won’t Ever Be Lonely

It happened again today, as it does every so often. I held the dog’s
leash in one hand and pulled my son’s wagon with the other, strolling
up and down the streets of our neighborhood in the beautiful
spring-like weather. We do this a lot together.

Will and Puppy

A lizard crossed my path, the dog chased it, and I immediately felt a flashback coming on: there I was, 20 years ago, on my grandmother’s lawn, trying desperately to catch lizards alongside my brother. We had just moved to Florida.

I looked at my son and smiled at the thought that some day soon, he would chase lizards, too. Then I frowned when I couldn’t shake a quick thought that crossed my mind: he’ll do it alone.

Throughout the almost three-year journey of motherhood, I’ve cultivated and lost friendships over parenting differences and judgments. I’ve battled breast feeding or bottle feeding, homemade or jarred baby food, stay at home or work at home or work outside the home with a daycare/nanny/preschool. But I think the time people feel the most entitled to comment on my life is when I tell them that my son may be my one and only. I wrote a post discussing my feelings on having an “only child” which reiterated that it is my and my husband’s decision alone, but today, the topic struck me more deeply.

Because after I frowned, I thought. I closed my eyes and thought deeply about the future. And when I opened my eyes, peace overwhelmed me because I came to a conclusion, something I know without a shadow of a doubt: my son will not chase and catch lizards alone. I will be with him.

Life may not always go your way
And every once in a while you might have a bad day
But I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely

Maybe instead of having a younger brother in his memories, as he grows he’ll look back on school days when I picked him up and took him on a special frozen yogurt date to reward his good grades. He’ll envision me crawling on my knees and hiding in closets during hide and seek. He’ll picture his daddy pitching him a baseball, his mommy standing next to his bike as he tries to pedal alone, his partners in crime helping him kill the bad guys with toy swords or squirt guns.

The sky turns dark and everything goes wrong
Run to me and I’ll leave the light on
And I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely

He’ll remember the books we read and the stories we made up just for fun. He’ll think about the birthday parties we planned together and the friends he invited to play. He’ll see the years he spent in the yard climbing on and chasing his favorite dog, and the times as a toddler when he wanted to be a big boy and hold the leash. He’ll remember his toes in the sand, the shells he captured, the squint of his eyes, and jumping in the water holding my hand and my husband’s hand–The Three Musketeers.

For as long as I live 
There will always be a place you belong
Here beside me
Heart and soul baby — you only 
And I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely

He’ll think about how monotonous it must have been for me to sit at a table and decorate and address Valentine’s day crafts for his classes–and I’ll tell him, or maybe I won’t, that those quiet moments were the most precious to me. He’ll remember tea parties with mommy and his stuffed animals. He’ll think about his classes and games at Gymboree and his daddy juggling just to make him laugh.

It’s still gonna snow and it’s still gonna rain
The wind’s gonna blow on a cold winter day
And I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely

I hope he’ll look at home videos of holidays with his large Puerto Rican family, or see pictures of moments with my small family–KK wearing a stethoscope to play doctor, Gramps pushing him in the swing and letting him kick his chest, Uncle Teej trying to distract him from the show he’s watching by dropping socks on his head just because.

You’re safe from the world wrapped in my arms
And I’ll never let go
Here’s a shoulder you can cry on
And a love you can rely on

Whether I ever decide that I am ready and willing to have another child–and that day may never come–my son will never ever be alone or lacking in the deepest kind of love. So thank you, small lizard, for showing me my past. Thank you, Mom, for giving me the gift of an energetic brother to play alongside me. But thank you, William, my one and only, for showing me that true love abounds no matter how many family members there are, where they are, or what they do together. My heart is yours and I hope all of your flashbacks are filled with joy, peace, and play whether you are with me, Daddy, at school, with extended family, or anyone else who may or may never come along.

For as long as I live 
There will always be a place you belong
And I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely