1 Husband, 1 Child, 2 Jobs

Today, I’m over on Liberating Working Moms discussing my decision to take on a second job despite already having a very full plate.

Last week, I did something I thought I would never do: I accepted an offer for a part-time job.


Currently, I teach English to approximately 120 high school freshmen each day. I constantly take home grading, so I’m accustomed to working after hours. However, my days end around 2:30-3 and my evenings are spent how I choose. If I want to go out to eat, I go out to eat. If I want to attend a class at the gym (and I do exercise 6 days a week) and my husband is available to watch my son, I attend that class. If I want to spend time playing trains with my son or taking a walk, I play trains and take walks. If I feel like I need to chip away at my pile of grading, I spend some time doing that after my son falls asleep.

Now? Now my evenings are decided for me. Now my evenings are scheduled. Now my evenings are interrupted. Now my evenings are even fuller than they used to be—if that’s possible…

Continue reading about my 1 Husband, 1 Child, 2 Jobs…


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