Someone Else Raises My Kid?

The older I get, the more perspective I have and the more tolerant I am of other people’s opinions, beliefs, and well, bull shit. However, once in a rare while someone will say something and inside, my blood will boil. Instead of lashing out angrily like I would have in the past or calling curses down from Heaven, I write.

This week, on Liberating Working Moms, I addressed something that many working mothers face: the judgment of non working moms. I have MANY friends who stay at home with their children and have never judged me for my choice, decision, need to work. In that way, I suppose I am blessed, because the more I’m out in blogger land, the more I notice that these mommy wars are fierce and unnecessary. People are judgmental over every little decision. And they should not be.

So I decided to write about how even though I pay my mother-in-law to watch my son, even though I work 5 days a week, even though I’m not perfect *gasp* and even though it takes a village to raise a child, I am still the mother of my son. I raise him. And his smiles tells me that he damn well knows it.

I happened to be trolling Twitter and stumbled upon a conversation between two SAHMs. One of the mothers who has begun working part-time was reaching out for information about the cost of childcare. When people responded with percentages, the other SAHM popped up with some snide comment about how “it’s not worth it to pay that much for someone else to raise my kid.”

::eye roll::

Continue reading at Someone Else Raises My Kid?


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