I Told a Lie: I’m Meant to Be a Working Mom

When I went back to work from maternity leave, I was a shambles. I wrote about it. I talked about it. I cried about it. And eventually, like everyone said I would, I got used to it. My family and I got into a groove and I realized I had a kickass schedule and I truly enjoyed the happy face my son greeted me with when I picked him up every afternoon.

I don’t know if I’ll be a teacher forever, but I decided that I’m just meant to be a working mom. And I’m totally okay with that.

So I wrote about it on Liberating Working Moms:

Summer has begun and I’m thinking back. Last summer, I sat at home recovering from giving birth with a newborn who was chillin in a bouncy seat while I folded laundry and watched daytime television. Yes, I had many sleepless nights. Yes, the baby needed to eat every freaking two hours because they grow every time they breathe those first few weeks. Yes, I was stressed. Yes, the baby cried for no reason (well, it seems like no reason, doesn’t it?). Yes, I feared he was colicky when he had stomach issues and we switched formula multiple times. But that was adjusting to a new normal. Those months went by really quickly. I enjoyed being home because it was the only time I could figure all that shit out.

Now I’m home with a 14-month-old toddler. Running around. Throwing food from his high chair. Laughing at everything. Mimicking words and sounds. Pulling the dog’s tail. Combine all of these things with the fact that I’m totally not used to all-day stay-at-home motherhood and a tropical storm named Debby that has me surrounded by closed, flooded roads and TRAPPED in my house for days on end. Cue stir-crazy paranoia.

Continue reading at I Told a Lie: I’m Meant to Be a Working Mom.


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