Friends From Two Different Worlds

This week on Liberating Working Moms, I wrote a post dedicated to the lovely women in my life. I am proud to say that they are all fantastic mothers and friends.

So, I asked a friend of mine who is also a working mom what she wanted me to address here at LWM. The first topic that came to her mind was friendship. My brain brought me back to this post about finding your mommy soulmate and how wonderful it can be if two mommies jive and their kiddies (who are hopefully around the same age) jive, as well.

But when I continued the conversation, she said, “I meant juggling friendships with moms who don’t work.” And I thought, YES. That can be so hard for so many reasons. And then I realized how funny it was, because many of my friends are stay-at-home moms.

My closest friends—two of whom were there when my son entered the world (which… ew, right?)—are SAHMs. One of them was the Matron of Honor in my wedding. Three of them, I was in their weddings. The other, well, we go way back to dancing to Backstreet Boys in her parents’ living room.

All of them have been in my life since my teen years. Two of these women are currently pregnant with their second children and due two weeks apart in January 2013. One is my age with THREE–count them, THREE–kids. All of these women possess very different aspirations and viewpoints concerning motherhood than I do. Yet, we’re friends…

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Every Idiosyncrasy

Great minds truly think alike, because before one of my dear friends, The Messy Mama wrote a post dedicated to her three very different boys, I was thinking of doing the exact same thing.

I took my little dude to visit a friend last week. That friend has two children, a boy and a girl, and really, they couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. Their personalities, their likes and dislikes, their behaviors. Literally everything differs. And it’s so interesting to watch because they’ve been raised the exact same way. I love individuality. It’s what makes the world go round.

And my son is certainly an individual.

When I wrote my son’s first birthday post, I wrote, “I love every idiosyncrasy that is you.” And as he develops even more idiosyncrasies, I’m locking them away in my heart so that as they evolve, I can remember and treasure every one.

My son was born the week of the royal wedding. We named him William, and so quickly, he became The Prince. So, here is just a little insight into The Prince and his ever-developing personality.

Well, hello. I am charming, as any prince should be. If you’re sitting nearby, I might give you an unprompted hug. If you say “Ow,” (probably because I threw something at you), I’ll give you a hug to say, “I’m sorry.” I even hug my stuffed animals. If you’re sad or mad, don’t worry, I’ll hug you and make you feel better. And if I get tired, I might curl right up in your lap.

I am a wrecking ball. I love to bang, throw, and make noise.

I am fearless. And I love the water. So psh. Put me in a shark tank. I dare you.

I am curious about everything and observant. Sometimes, I just love to watch the birds flying in the sky.

I am determined. No matter how small something is, I’ll get inside of it. No matter how big something is, I’ll climb on top of it or go around it. No matter how high something is, it’s never out of reach.

Mommy side note: I can only pray he carries that sentimentality into every aspect of his life as a child and as an adult.

I am expressive. My family likes to call me “the man of many faces.” You don’t have to try hard to make me laugh or smile. I don’t have to be blown away to widen my owl eyes and let out a big “Whoaaaa.” I love to take everything in.

And that, my friends, is The Prince in a nutshell. A very small nutshell that does not, in any manner, shape or form, encompass every idiosyncrasy that is him.

LWM Posts Update

Sometimes time just gets away from me, but I’m still over here at Liberating Working Moms, writing away about balancing life as a working mother. The past few weeks, I’ve written about money and how not having any just ruins everything. I’ve also given some major props to my mother-in-law for keeping my son every day for eight hours while I work. And my personal favorite is last week’s post, entitled “You Know You’re a Working Mom When…”

When you take sick days for another person’s illness…

When you pull a pacifier out of your briefcase…

When recitals and little league games are on the same calendar days as department meetings and conference calls…

When you answer your home phone with your work greeting. Or vice versa…

When you feel guilty for working. And for not working…

When you’ve cried on the way to work, at work, and on the way home from work…

When you’re immediately on the computer after your kid falls asleep…

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