The Best Part of a Working Mom’s Day

As working moms, we can all commiserate about deadlines, stress, messy homes, tired children, and other various aspects of our lives. But this week, I wanted to focus on the bright spots. The moments that truly make my life worth living. And they have to do with a little bit of this:

The greeting when I walk through the door, the anticipation, the running hugs, the open-mouthed kisses, the head on my shoulder. Everything my mother-in-law calls amores que matan: love that kills.

My son has that for me. And it gets me through my day. Read below and then continue reading at Liberating Working Moms.

The alarm goes off at the same time every day. If you’re like me, you hit the snooze button at the same time every day, too. That way, you start a trend of tardiness. But since I’m at work by the same time every day, can we call it on time?

Anyway, many of us working moms follow routines. We live by them. We wake a certain times, wake our kids at certain times (or, they wake us), we work specific hours, we may stop for the same coffee at Starbucks on the way (not me… coffee is icky), we probably have the same lunch hour each day (mine is at 10:30, seriously?!), we face the same co-workers, similar tasks, and then, we end our days to start them over 12 hours later. Some of us might commute, and take that time to breathe deeply and recover from a tiring workday. Some of us might hit the gym on the way home (now we’re dreaming, right?) or pick up groceries for dinner. Either way, many of us end our “working mom” days the same way: picking up kids.

My son is with my mother-in-law for eight hours a day while I work. I always feared he would have this incredibly tight bond with his Abuela and that I would be competing with her for his affection. But this week, when I experienced what I call the best part of a working mom’s day, I realized my fears have been laid to rest.

Continue reading at The Best Part of a Working Mom’s Day…


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