An Only Child? My Family, My Decision

People pry. Seems like that’s just what we do. Is it human nature, or are some people just infinitely more curious than others? Whatever the reason is, I am not a fan of prying or condescending questions or unsolicited advice. Especially when it comes to decisions about my family. One decision I have made (although I will admit that things might change, planned or unplanned) is that my son will be an only child.

For some reason, people think this is just the absolutely worst thing that I can do and consistently ask me when I’m going to give my son a sibling. Since when is that someone else’s business but mine? So, I wrote about it on Liberating Working Moms this week.

Immediately after I posted a picture of the glamorous princess-cut diamond my soon-to-be husband fit on my ring finger on March 17, 2007, the questions started: “When’s the big day?” “Outdoor or indoor ceremony?” “What kind of dress will you wear?” “Who’s your caterer?” Hey guys, I’m busy watching my diamond sparkle in the lights. Give me a few days.

Immediately after I returned from my honeymoon, I heard the famous question: “So, when will you be having kids?” None of your business. My uterus. My decision.

Immediately after I gave birth to my son on April 23, 2011, I heard the excitement in the voices of family members, saw the amazement in my husband’s eyes, and listened to the advice of wise mothers who had done this already. Then, within a few months, the dreaded question arose. “When are you going to give William a baby brother or sister?”


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One thought on “An Only Child? My Family, My Decision

  1. My best friend was an only child. She thought it was the best experience in the world and considers it to be a gift that she has passed on to her only son. He will never have to fight for her attention or wait on her while she takes care of the baby or do without so that his little sister can have braces or….. whatever. He is her whole world. It is not the choice my husband and I made, but it is a beautiful and valid choice!!!!

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