Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Do you ever feel less of a sexy woman because now, you’re a mother? My post on Liberating Working Moms discusses just that topic. Since becoming a mother, I’ve noticed differences in my body as well as in my self-confidence. Read about it here:

When I was finishing high school and during my first year of college, I probably looked my best. I didn’t work full-time. I spent every afternoon in the gym, usually running two miles or more, lifting weights and doing Pilates. I had an eighteen-year-old metabolism. I felt my best, weighed in at my thinnest. But like I said, I was in high school and college. Things were a tad easier.

I have never been the skinniest, the prettiest, the most fashionable, the most popular, the tallest, or the most likely to do, well, anything. I’m an average plain Jane, and until motherhood, I was always okay with that. I’m shorter than most people. I have some meat on my bones. Admittedly, I’m not the most intelligent person I’ve ever met, but I worked hard in high school to get good grades, qualified for scholarships, and attained my Bachelor’s degree in college. I’ve always known what I’m good at, and I understand my limitations. I’ve always just liked me.

Thing is, I feel like I knew myself better back then. I possessed a solid self-worth. Sure, it was nice when that guy came along to sweep me off my feet, propose to me, and tell me I’m cute as hell, but I didn’t need that. I didn’t work out because I knew it would make me look better. I did it because I wanted to be stronger and healthier, and because I had the time to. I didn’t need make-up to define me. I didn’t need to frequent the tanning bed or dream of having enough money to spend on plastic surgery. Those things just weren’t me 

Then came pregnancy.

Because I was sick for every day of my pregnancy, I didn’t gain much weight. Bonus! I only gained 14 lbs from my first OB appointment to the date I delivered my son. 14 lbs? Easy to lose. No stretch marks? Rock on. But my body still changed. And so did my body image.

I’m a mom now. I’m not just a woman. And I feel like there’s a big difference that often times, we either fail to realize, or we fail to acknowledge. By no means am I saying that I’m all “woe is me, I’m so fat, I’m so ugly, boo hoo, feel sorry for this poor working mom.” I’m just saying my confidence level, though not shattered, is not at its peak. I’m new at this…

Continue reading more of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A Working Mom’s Body Image.


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