We Don’t Ask For Much

This week, I asked some of my other mommy friends for inspiration.

And, they answered. I asked what they were struggling with, what they would like to read about, what topics plague them as working mothers. Thus come this week’s post. Take a break and click over to Liberating Working Moms to read my latest post dedicated to a working mother’s “me time,” something we often forget to give ourselves.

I’d like to taste my food again. Is that too much to ask? It’s always, “You feed the baby while I eat” or “He needs to be changed now” or “Hurry up, he’ll be awake any minute.” (That last one can apply to more than just dinner.) I remember a time when I didn’t have to chew my food like a malnourished dog.

I’d like to pee in peace. Good Lord. I swear, as soon as I feel the need to pee, the baby wakes up from a nap, or puts something in his mouth that isn’t supposed to be there or the telephone rings or I’m late for work. Or, well, you know. Everything. I never realized peeing was a luxury…

One thing EVERY mom—work at home, work outside the home, stay at home, hybrid, whatever you call yourself—fails to do at one point or another is take care of herself. We’re busy wifing, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, working, mommying. We wear all these figurative hats, but forget that at some point, we were individuals. We treated ourselves once in a while…

Continue reading at Working Moms: We Don’t Ask For Much.


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