Working With Style {Kiss Me, I’m Irish Edition}

This week on Liberating Working Moms, I hosted Working With Style, and it just happened to fall on one of my favorite days of the year: St. Patrick’s Day!

…I have shamrock beads hanging from my rear view mirror that jangle when I drive. It annoys the bejesus out of my husband, but I refuse to take them down because I got them at a St. Patrick’s Day street fair and I just love looking at them every day. I got engaged at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m currently writing a novel set in Inistioge, Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. And it’s on my bucket list to visit there someday.

So this week, in order to pay homage to my heritage and make my green eyes pop, I decided, why not wear a green top every day?

…continue reading my Kiss Me, I’m Irish Edition…

Oh, and for a little sneak peek at the utter cuteness I experienced in my daily life, I present to you, my little Puerto Rican prince… who looks quite a bit more Irish than he does Puerto Rican.


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