Home is Where the Mess is

Are you am imperfect housekeeper? Would you like someone to make you feel better about the way your house looks? Well, I’m your girl! Take a look at this week’s Liberating Working Moms post where I discuss the fact that a home can often suffer when both parents are working.

I don’t have monogrammed hand towels in my bathroom. Actually, you’d be lucky to find any towel inside my bathroom other than the one I wrapped around my wet head while I did my make-up this morning and then proceeded to throw on the floor when I realized I was late for work.

I don’t have expensive artwork on the walls. But I have Wal Mart picture frames full of my son’s first few months of life if you’d like to take a look.

I do laundry. I swear. It’s just that sometimes, I forget to fold or hang it. So yeah, there might be a laundry basket full of tiny baby socks and onesies underneath my coffee table.

Keep reading at Home is Where the Mess is


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