Working Mom or Mom Who Works?

Let’s be honest. Some of us [working moms] work because we want to work while others work because we feel that we need to. I discussed my reasons for working, explained the changes of heart I have had since becoming a mother for the first time, and even admitted that I’ve taken sick days to be with my boy.

I went to college, I earned a degree, I started teaching at 22 years old, and I planned on continuing my education and furthering my career. My plan (pre-baby) was to earn a Master’s degree and move forward from teaching at the high school level to teaching at the college level. I’ve even thrown around the idea of applying as a trainer for a corporation or moving into journalism or copy editing and technical writing. I’d love to write a best-selling novel, but it seems unless you’re well-versed in vampires and werewolves, you’re out of luck right now.

Anyway, those were my ambitions. Were. Yes, I would still like to get a Master’s degree. I would still like to write. And if the opportunity came along to teach English Composition in the evenings at our local community college, I’d probably apply. But what I really want–really, really, really want–is to be with my boy. Plain and simple…

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