Wordless Wednesday: Think Big


I’m a Working Mom. Oh, and I’m a Wife, Too.

It can be so difficult once you’re a parent to remember that you were once solely dedicate to your spouse. Take a minute to read about how I attempt to balance my relationship with my husband and how we’ve made new promises to each other since our little guy was born.

Things have been quite less than fairy tale-like in my marriage since right around the time we found out I was pregnant. Only recently have my husband and I admitted our distance and truly addressed it with some major changes, sacrifices, and conversations. I figure I’m probably not the first one who has gone through this, and I know I won’t be the last. My husband and I chose to start a family together. We both wanted it. Little did we know, it would strain our relationship… 

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Working Mom or Mom Who Works?

Let’s be honest. Some of us [working moms] work because we want to work while others work because we feel that we need to. I discussed my reasons for working, explained the changes of heart I have had since becoming a mother for the first time, and even admitted that I’ve taken sick days to be with my boy.

I went to college, I earned a degree, I started teaching at 22 years old, and I planned on continuing my education and furthering my career. My plan (pre-baby) was to earn a Master’s degree and move forward from teaching at the high school level to teaching at the college level. I’ve even thrown around the idea of applying as a trainer for a corporation or moving into journalism or copy editing and technical writing. I’d love to write a best-selling novel, but it seems unless you’re well-versed in vampires and werewolves, you’re out of luck right now.

Anyway, those were my ambitions. Were. Yes, I would still like to get a Master’s degree. I would still like to write. And if the opportunity came along to teach English Composition in the evenings at our local community college, I’d probably apply. But what I really want–really, really, really want–is to be with my boy. Plain and simple…

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