Cultural Childcare (LWM post)

In honor of my mother-in-law’s birthday, I wanted to post part of an article I wrote that was published on the Liberating Working Moms website last week. I love my mother-in-law and I am so thankful that she loves my son.
It’s no secret among my family and friends that I have specific taste in men. I like Hispanics. Always have. I blame part of that on the fact that I grew up watching Major League Baseball, and the other part on mere chance and the fact that everyone is different. So, it’s not surprising that the love of my life and my high school sweetheart is from Puerto Rico. My husband and I spent nearly four years as a dating couple then one year as an engaged couple before we tied the knot. We always planned on starting a family, and knew that because we both worked, my mother-in-law’s house would become the daycare center. I don’t think it was until our son graced us with his presence that we realized how truly different our cultures and upbringings are…

Click here to continue reading my Cultural Childcare post.

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