Where I’m From

My students and I read “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyons this week, analyzed it for sensory language, and then created our own. I am laminating my students’ poems and creating a book of them because they turned out FANTASTIC. My students asked me to write one that would be the first page of the book. So here it is:

Where I’m From
I am from piles of orange, red, and yellow fall leaves
From sneezing underneath and my Bopaw’s laughter behind the camera
I am from puffy snowsuits
And sleds my mom pulled in the street
Her long dark hair flying behind her
I am from Flintstone vitamins on the bus stop
Seeing and hearing the ice cream man from the upstairs window
Saving my brother’s life
Again and again
And the tall pine tree in the backyard
I am from the steep staircase
That smelled like home
From the basement and the hidden passageway
Filled with my grandparents’ treasures
I am from the above-ground pool and orange swimmies
The birthday parties on the lawn with Batman and Little Mermaid
From DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, and Comet
And unwrapped Christmas presents under the tree
I am from stacks of boxes
A move to beaches and Disney World
Pen-pals and a new school
A cul-de-sac with no cars or sidewalks
That called us to play kickball all day
I am from my brother’s little league games and his basketball hoop
And the cement where my father drew our family name
I am from the boat
Roaring to life and defeating the waves
With “Life is Good” painted in blue on the side
I am from mood swings and fights
From dogs and cats and iguanas and hamsters
Buried now in the backyard
I am from straight A’s and the church choir
From “You’re going to college no matter what”
And “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”
From mission trips to foreign lands
My father’s house to my husband’s house
From writing papers to grading papers
And meeting a little boy who is like my very own piece of Heaven on earth

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