Will you be a mama’s boy or daddy’s little girl?

“I wonder who you’ll look like…
Will your hair fall down and curl,
Will you be a mama’s boy
Or daddy’s little girl?”

I am nearly seven weeks pregnant, and I don’t think it really hit me until I looked at the ultrasound screen yesterday and saw the speedy fluttering of what will be my son’s or daughter’s heart.¬†Even when I’m holding this child and watching it grow up, I don’t think I’ll ever believe it. It feels like just yesterday I was a little girl myself, or learning to ride a bike, or a teenager falling in love.

I’ve never been a baby person, and I don’t consider myself put together enough to teach anyone else how to live. I’m not over-emotional or attached or dependent. I don’t know why God thinks I’m qualified. But I do know that there is something beautiful about this. And it’s going to change my life and Jimmy’s life forever.